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    Celebrating 5 Years of Open Access with ACS Omega
    Included as Special Online Attention article.
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    Using a smartphone to detect norovirus
    Also covered in University of Arizona Health Sciences, CEP Magazine (AIChE)
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    News Release: Smartphone-based device for detecting norovirus, the 'cruise ship' microbe
    Video: MacGyver-ing a Norovirus Detector
    Press Conference: Smartphone-based device for detecting norovirus, the 'cruise ship' microbe
    Also covered in NPR News, UANews, KVOA (NBC) TV, Arizona Daily Star, Forbes, EurekaAlert!, BioSpace, Interlochen Public Radio, Texas Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Radio, Progressive Charlestown, News Atlas, Contagion Live, SciTechDaily, Medicine News Line, Chemistry World, DailyMail, New Scientist, PhysOrg, MedGadget, Medical Device Network,, Herald Publicist, Medical News Today, Physics World, Futurity, Food Safety News, International Business Times, eHealthNews,, Innovators Magazine, News Live, Daily Herald, Sciences et Avenir, Pourquoi Docteur, El Medico Interactivo, Arzte Zeitung,, MEAWW, The Cleanzine, Cruise Passenger, Cruise Safely, Barfblog, MedIndia, Future Analyzing Technology, Satoshina Kamato Blog, Dong-A Ilbo, Dong-A Science, The Korea Times, News Zum, and more.
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    Calling in Sick
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    Droplet Under Tension
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    Device Could Speed Diagnosis of Infections
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    Korean Scientist Developing Handheld Device for Ebola Detection
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    Arizona Researchers Developing Handheld PCR System for Ebola Detection
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    Immunoassays Expand Range of Applications
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    Smartphones develop a taste for red wine
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    Grad Students Honored for Food-Related Research
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    Optofluidic Lab-on-a-chip Monitoring of Subsurface Bacterial Transport
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    Jeong-Yeol Yoon Elected President of the Institute of Biological Engineering
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    UA Ag and Cardiology Profs Team Up to Make Implanted Devices 'Sticky'
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    Diagnose Cancer and Cardiac Diseases in 5 Minutes with a Drop of Blood
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    Training the Next Generation of Heart Researchers
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    U of Arizona Startup Developing Ultrafast Droplet PCR Method for Blood Infection, Veterinary Dx
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    Two UA Inventions Selected as AZ Furnace Startups
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    Very Quick Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detecting 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Using Wire-Guide Droplet Manipulations
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