Emulsion LAMP1 DOTS qPCR2 Tissue Engineering3Paper-based Organ-on-a-Chip4 Medical Diagnostics5Smartphone Biosensor6
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Dr. Yoon's biosensor textbook is among the top 25% most downloaded Springer books for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) - See Publications and News for details.
Katie's paper featured as Hot Paper & Inside Cover in Chemistry - A European Journal, and highlighted in ChemistryViews Magazine - See Publications and News for details.
Congratulations and farewell, Dr. Katherine Klug and Dr. Robin Sweeney!
New graduate student: Welcome, Kenny!
Ari's paper featured as Front Cover in Advanced Biosystems - See Publications for details.
Tiffany and Kattika officially switched to Ph.D. programs!
Tiffany received East Asia Pacific Summer Institute (EAPSI) support from NSF for summer 2017.

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